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  • What is a Dental Prosthetist? (DP)
    A Dental Prosthetist (DP) is a qualified and skilled member of the dental profession specifically trained to construct, fit and maintain dentures and all other professional denture care services. DP's can also provide custom fitted sports mouthguards.
  • What are Dentures?
    Dentures are a removable replacement for missing teeth. While dentures take some getting used to, and will never feel exactly the same as one's natural teeth, today's dentures are natural looking and more comfortable than ever! There are many different types of dentures such as Full, Partial, Flexible or Implant. Your Dental Prosthetist will help you choose the type of denture that's best for you based on whether some or all of your teeth are missing and need to be replaced.
  • How long do Dentures last?
    How long your denture last depends upon how well you look after them. Just as we need to maintain our natural teeth with regular check-ups, we also need to check our mouths and dentures for wear and fit every 12 months. During a consultation, your DP can provide you with a detailed assessment of the condition of your dentures and the cost of any recommended services. With correct care and maintenance, it is reasonable to expect your denture to last between 5 - 10 years or in some cases longer, but only if you have had regular check ups and relines as required.
  • What is a Reline?
    A Denture Reline is the placement of an entirely new fitting surface on your denture. This becomes necessary because our mouths are in a constant state of change. Simply gaining or losing weight can have an effect on the shape of our gums. Combine all this with the normal wear of your denture from eating and cleaning on a daily basis and you soon realize that all dentures will require relining on a regular basis. A Reline of your upper denture will usually provide more suction & stability, but with the lower, the best you can expect in most cases is simply more stability and less food getting caught under the denture. Suction on a lower denture is also very rare but isn't impossible.
  • How much do Dentures cost?
    We are unable to give exact treatment costing without assessing and examining the patient individually. If you would like information on dentures and/or a quote please contact our clinic for a no obligation free consultation on (07) 3883 2400.
  • Do you accept Private health funds and DVA gold cards?
    Yes, we have a HICPAS terminal on site in which we can do fast quotes and claims on the spot. James McNab is a Veterans Affair provider so therefore we also accept DVA Gold cards.
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